With the UK’s unemployment rate unexpectedly rising to 4.4% – its highest level in two and a half years, (ONS June 11, 2024) and an increase in the ‘inactivity’ rate, with 22.3% of working-age individuals not actively seeking employment, there is a compelling need to support and equip more people to successfully move into sustainable employment.

To this end Cidori is now pleased to be working in partnership with eleven top UK colleges – by bringing together our joint expertise we ignite careers through a combination of adult skills funded education and wrap around support into positive destinations.

This is also why we work with great people like the team at People Plus – with their vision of helping every individual reach their full potential, regardless of background or circumstances and leading the way in creating social value – and great to get some positive feedback from them too!

I was chatting with our employment advisers and just wanted to feed back to you what the participants are saying. Everyone we have referred to you that has completed the teaching assistant course, comes into the office, and tells their EA’s that the course was amazing, and they come in so excited and motivated. So please let the Cidori team know that they are doing a fantastic job, and we will of course keep referring to you!

Kim Ross | NCS Team Leader

People Plus

June 5, 2024

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