Constructed carefully, a sentence can be a cohesive thing of beauty. It needs nothing further; well-crafted words hold together and speak for themselves.

So too with Cidori – a Japanese concept of precise interlocking pieces that creates a surprisingly strong, yet flexible joint – holding itself together with no glue, nail or fixing.

At Cidori, we believe intelligent design builds flexible, robust training solutions that are surprisingly uncomplicated yet hold together – that strengthen and support people in challenging times.

We have been driving up workplace performance by forging outstanding partnerships with top UK colleges and employers for many years.

Our partnerships begin as we source pre-employment candidates and engage with employers wanting to deliver business improvement solutions by upskilling.

We also handle full EOI & CEIAG Support and enrolment on behalf of our college partners.

Our college partners handle teaching, learning and assessment, using their own team and systems to deliver apprenticeships and adult skills short courses.

With our wrap around support igniting the careers of hundreds into work every month and apprenticeship programmes that transform workplaces, we are passionate about this cohesive, partnership approach.

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