Cidori is delighted to announce associate membership with BACH – the British Association of Construction Heads.

Cidori partners with colleges and construction employers to help people get the skills and training they need to build a career in construction.

With BACH members being predominantly heads, managers, and leaders of training of the ‘Built Environment’ sector of FE Colleges and independent training providers, membership for Cidori is a natural, obvious fit.

BACH membership is open to colleges and “appropriate organisations who are passionate about quality and standards in construction education and training” – so the shared goals, synergies, and opportunities that membership will bring for us and our partnerships is both clear and compelling.

Cidori looks forward to engaging with BACH members in understanding the challenges for those leading construction training and supporting colleges and employers with our fully wrap around engagement/help into work for the next generation of young people looking to succeed in the wider construction industry.

Find out how our partnership model works:



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