Boundary-pushing apprenticeship initiatives at Thorlux Lighting

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Cidori is pleased to highlight the boundary-pushing apprenticeship initiatives at Thorlux, a globally recognised provider of lighting solutions. Thorlux Lighting has designed, manufactured, and provided professional lighting and control systems since 1936. The company operates from a modern self-contained factory in Redditch, Worcestershire – aerial image left.

Thorlux has a long history of fostering the talents of apprentices, combining valuable academic support with on-the-job training to achieve a broad range of experience and essential qualifications. This includes working within various departments to gain an overall company appreciation. Many apprentices choose to stay at Thorlux to build their careers – indeed, many current senior staff at Thorlux started this way.

With Cidori’s college partners Barnet and Southgate College delivering the teaching, learning and assessment, a bespoke Lean Manufacturing Operative Level 2 Apprenticeship programme has been developed for Thorlux.

Cidori is delighted to announce that following the success of the first cohort of learners, Thorlux have now committed to a second cohort (which commenced May 8th) who will also benefit from this funded upskilling opportunity.

We asked Ben Harris – Continuous Improvement Lead at Thorlux to comment on the programme so far:

“The Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship programme, designed in conjunction with the Cidori – Barnet Southgate College partnership, has empowered our employees to become forward thinkers who challenge the norm and push boundaries. Through this apprenticeship, they have developed a passion for enhancing individual departments and sections, leading to significant improvements across our business. By tackling the eight wastes of lean, our apprentices have streamlined processes, eliminated waste, improved quality, and contributed to our sustainability goals. This initiative is driving our business forward with a lean mindset, ensuring we continually strive for excellence and efficiency.


With the success of cohort one flowing through the business and the benefits we are seeing, Thorlux has now committed to the programme being delivered to cohort two. Throughout the programme we have seen continued support and enthusiasm from Cidori to ensure the course is tailored and specific to our business. The course is the foundation for our up-and-coming talent, giving them the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make a positive change. It is a key part to our mission to strive for excellence.”

Ben Harris

Continuous Improvement Lead – Thorlux Lighting

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