Apprenticeship: Retail Logistics

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Top UK High Street Retailer

Continuous Improvement Programme

  • 75% reduction shift handover time

  • £7K time savings first few weeks

  • £150k pa cost savings


Cidori – Barnet Southgate College helped a market leading high street retailer to address major operational issues with their hand held scanners – vital to asset management & picker-operative efficiency and causing avoidable and expensive downtime. With full management buy-in, a shop floor led continuous improvement programme was designed. Delivered by Barnet Southgate College the aim was to better maintain, access and charge scanners at shift handover and eliminate wasteful processes.


  • Carefully planned robust schedule of learning to flex with operational requirements
  • Creation of high quality content/support materials reflecting an understanding of day to day processes and terminology
  • Partnership approach demonstrating flexibility & accommodating dynamic nature of client depot operations
  • Associated business projects supporting higher level initiatives or becoming standalone areas of improvement



  • Lost/damaged scanners & uncharged batteries
  • Time wasted sourcing ‘good to go’ kit
  • Shift handover time too long
  • Finger scanner roll-out held back


  • Overall cost saving so far of £150,875 per annum
  • Reduction in downtime & battery changes on shift
  • Shift handover time down from 60 to less than 15 minutes
  • Rollout of finger scanners enabled

““Your project was worth the investment. In the first few weeks it managed to pay back just over £7,000 in time saved! It is undisputedly a huge success because of your constant drive during and after. You should be incredibly proud of it and yourselves. Huge thanks and well done!

Senior Continuous Improvement Manager

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